Macdonald Weed Control District

The Macdonald Weed District was formed in 1964 and is responsible for administering a weed control program within the Rural Municipality (RM) of Macdonald. We also conduct levels of service as requested in the RM’s of Headingley, Cartier and Grey. The RM of Macdonald is situated adjacent to the southwestern boundary of Winnipeg. With a population of over 6,000 residents, this area has been named as one of the fasted growing areas in the province but is also anchored to agriculture. As such, our regulatory and service programs are well developed.

The goal of the Macdonald Weed Control District is to administer the terms and conditions set out in the Noxious Weeds Act. The Municipality is responsible for controlling weeds on property under control of the Municipality as well as directing private landowners/tenants to do so on their property. To this end we strive:

  • To achieve acceptable weed control on properties within the District by promoting effective and efficient weed control practices to agricultural producers, urban homeowners, and other landowners;
  • To identify and initiate control procedures on weedy land; to spot and control new invasive, or increasing weed problems before they become established as this is the most effective method of managing invasive species;
  • To promote the safe use of pesticides;
  • To continually evaluate existing programs.

Other District objectives include the control of brush and other undesirable vegetation on selected municipal right of ways; to control mosquito larva in towns within the district (La Salle, Oak Bluff, Sanford, Starbuck, Brunkild, and Domain) under Manitoba Health’s West Nile Virus program; and to provide municipal assistance to the Grasshopper Control Program in times of outbreak. The District has established and coordinates programs that address these goals.