Resistant Weeds

Weeds can become resistant to control efforts, usually due to relying on one type of control method. The MWSA works with land managers to develop strategies to combat resistant weeds. This includes rotating herbicide groups, and implementing an integrated approach to weed control.

The first herbicide resistant weed species detected in Manitoba was a population of green foxtail discovered in 1988 that was found to be resistant to Group 3 herbicides. But it sure isn't just a local problem. Many more populations of weeds confirmed to be resistant to various herbicides have been reported from around the world. Click here for information on the Herbicide Resistance Action Committee.

A parody of the Gotye hit "Somebody I used to know" by agronomic consultant Bill Long, who farms on the Yorke Peninsula of South Australia as well as consults to a number of farmers in the region.