On Nov 14th, 1967, the FRANKLIN STUARTBURN PINEY Weed District was formed by the 3 RM's. Avery Dearborn was Weed Supervisor at the time.

On Oct 10th, 1978 the RM of Franklin gave its notice to seperate from the STUARTBURN PINEY Weed District citing in its resolution #5, the district was too large

“and because of this, approx 90 miles in length, it was too large for a weed district to run economically and effectively”.

In 1978 preparations were underway to form the Stuartburn Piney Weed District & Franklin Weed Control.

Avery Dearborn ran the Stuartburn Piney Weed Control & Dale Brad ran the Franklin Weed Control.

Then on July 17th, 1990, The STUARTBURN PINEY Weed District, changed the nameto PINEY STUARTBURN Weed District.

Avery retired in 1995 and I, Robert Budey took over as Weed Supervisor. Dale Brad retired in 2006.

On Feb 13th, 2007, after several meetings, the RM of Franklin passed a resolution to participate in the Piney Weed District, however running separate books.

The Piney Stuartburn agreed, and at that time it ran under the name,


I, Robert Budey, have been Weed Supervisor for both till the current time.

Chad Cote, was hired in the spring of 2014, for me to prepare him as new Weed Supervisor in this transition period until such time Chad takes over complete responsibility.

The three RM's continually assess the situation, and because of the current amalgamation of the town of Emerson with Franklin, the new EMERSON FRANKLIN Municipality was formed just recently.

This may create even more changes in the near future but for this year, all remains as PINEY STUARTBURN WEED DISTRICT & FRANKLIN WEED CONTROL.

RM of Piney consists mainly of forests, a small amount of grain, some beef cattle, some dairy and some large hog barns on the North tip.

RM of Stuartburn consists mainly of beef & dairy cattle, some grain and some lower land in places. Nature Conservancy of Cattle is currently purchasing masses of land, thus preservation here.

RM of Franklin has a large amount of grain, the western half all grain, with the eastern half livestick and grain.

Various weed problems in all areas but Leafy Spurge mainly in all three RM's.

The RM of Piney has Spotted Knapweed, Ox-Eye Daisy persists here as well.

St. John’s Wort in the RM of Stuartburn, and many other perennials, persist in all 3 RM's.